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30 Day "Hard Core" Challenge

Join the FUN and take our 30 Day Ab/Core Challenge! Take our challenge and have fun doing it. Every challenge is fun and you get support of our group to post your updates and accountability.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the Core & Ab Challenge you have 30 days for a full money back Guarantee.

Join Over 250+ (and counting) Like Minded Supportive Women From All Over that are starting our 30 Day"Hard Core" Challenge Every Day.



About Coach Rob


  Coach Rob is the founder and creator of Wome Who Lift Weights. He has been involved in fitness for over 25+. 
  Along with running and owning Heavy Weights Trainnig Center Coach Rob trains women in many areas. 

  From general strength and fitness, PowerLiftning, Weight Lifting, Bikini, Fitness, Strong Woman and more

  Rob is also a competitive PowerLifter and has won 2 Worlds Medalists. 

  He is also a National and Common Wealth Record Holder and Champion.
  Coach Rob has helped thousands of women lose fat, build muscle, get stronger and live healthier happier lives.

  Certifications : TFW Level I & II, SFG Level 1, SFL Level 1, CPPS Level 1



About Coach Danielle

About Coach Danielle

Danielle is co-owmer of Heavy Weights Training Center and Women Who Lift Weights.

She is a competitive athlete and coaching.  She has competed in Fitness, Bikini and PowerLifting.

Through her own journey of being a "cardio bunny" she was introduced to the world of strength training and lifting weights and she has never looked back.

Certifications Include:
- Training For Warriors Level 1 Coach with Martin Rooney
- ISSA Personal Training
- CPPS (Certified Physical Preparation Specialist) with James Smith & Joe DeFranco
- Precision Nutrition
- Competed in several bikini shows
- Competed in powerlifting, winning Provincial Competitions
- Coached athletes to go onto win Powerlifting Nations, set National Squat Records and win
medals at the World’s Powerlifting Championships
- Magnum Sponsored Athlete




30 Day Challenge Benefits:

What Our Clients Say:

Loving this challenge! The meals are by far the best I've seen. Everything is delicious! - Riot W. (St. John's NL)

Have been doing the challenge in Italian hotel rooms while I’m away on business. Loving it! Keeps me on track while I’m away! - Laura C. (London UK)

Love & hate that burn in the abs, it hurts but you know it’s doing good work. Rugby, Warwickshire

I am a personal trainer and have been for many years. When i bought this challenge i had no specific aim other than just wanting to do something different. Today was day one, i did itnan hour ago after all day's training and i have to say, the Alphabet set got me burning! I absolutely LOVED it! So..thank you Robert King for an awesome challenge and for sharing your knowlegde with the rest of us. I for one know that i have sooo much to learn. Keep educating us!

So grateful for the encouragement and support in this group. Day 2- got it done but not feeling my best today so I just pushed through! Tomorrow will be better

Today is my last day! Proud to say I slipped only on some minor occasions and worked out just about every day. Thankful to be feeling accomplished! Catherine C. (Mt. Pearl NL.)

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