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With our VIP All Access Membership you get access to EVERY Challenge & Program that we offer.  You get 24/7 support and as well get to joing our VIP members only private group.

Programs Offered (all are included):

  • 30 Day "Hard Core" Challenge
  • 30 Day "Build Your Booty" Challenge
  • "Toned In 28" Transformation Program
  • 21 Day Fat Loss "Kick Start" Program
  • Bikini Body In 28 Transformation Program
  • Strong Her in 28 Body Transformation Program
  • Ripped in 42 Transformation Program
  • Ultimate Athlete Program
  • Coach Rob's 42 Body Weight Finishers Workour Program
  • Pull Ups For Women Program
  • 6 Week Deadlift Program For Women
  • 6 Week Squat Program For Women
  • "Little Black Dress" 28 Day Program
  • "New Year - New You" Transformation Program
  • The Truth About Carbohydrates E-Book
  • 101 Fat Loss Tips For Women E-Book
  • Over 250+ Recipes
  • Over 100+ Educational Videos
  • A New Video Posted Daily
  • Get Your Questions Answered by Coach Rob & Coach Danielle
  • Plus 25+ Simple & Easy Training, Nutriton & Supplement Reports
  • You Will Also Get Access To EVERY New Program We Offer.
  • And Our Best Transformation Program HW90

    You get everything listed and more.  If you look at the value of our programs it is over $1000.

    At our gym Heavy Weights Training Center our 42 day programs cost $200 each and our HW 90 Program alone we charge $500.00.



With over 600+ women from all over the world our VIP All Access membership has helped many women just like you.  You will love the support, community, encouragement, motivation and results, Guaranteed.

As a member you get access to our Strength Programs, Fat Loss Programs, Muscle Building Programs, Transformation Programs and much more.


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About Coach Rob


   Coach Rob is the founder and creator of Wome Who Lift Weights. He has been involved in fitness for over 25+ years. 
  Along with running and owning Heavy Weights Trainnig Center Coach Rob trains women in many areas. 

  From general strength and fitness, PowerLiftning, Weight Lifting, Bikini, Fitness, Strong Woman and more

  Rob is also a competitive PowerLifter, he is a 5 Time National Champion, Common Wealth Champion, NAPF /PAn Am Bench Press Champion. He is also a 2 times Worlds Medalist and holds National & CommonWealth Records.

  Coach Rob has helped thousands of women lose fat, build muscle, get stronger and live healthier happier lives.

  Certifications : TFW Level I & II, SFG Level 1, SFL Level 1, CPPS Level 1

You have my promise that this will be one of the best decisions in your training, fitness, health, strength, knowledge and and your life. - Coach Rob


No Hideen Fees or Costs. And we offer 100% Money Back Guarantee. Note this is an limted time offer. Join today and your first 2 weeks are free, then pay only $9 a month.

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What Our Community Members Have To Say:

So glad I am a member of this group! Access to great programs, recipes, advice etc. Super responsive to everyones questions. Although some members are clearly more experienced than me everyone is very respectful and I am learning tons! - Jennifer Haldane

I love the WWLW Community! Coach Rob and everyone are so helpful. I love that they focus on basics to helpy you build up your strength. - Katie Halsey

I'm a member of the WWLW Community and I need to say that the group is amazing and I totally love it. Lots of training tips, good programs and support. - Ella Alex

"I recently joined this group and am enjoying the info and posts. I appreciate reading opinions that differ from my own and learning new techniques from other people. Thanks for what you do!" - Alicia Black

"This is a very knowledgeable and supportive group! I feel comfortable asking any and all questions here. The programs are easy enough to follow, yet challenging enough to produce results. There is enough variety within the programs themselves to keep them interesting and to keep your body guessing. I highly recommend giving it a try." - Kathy C.

"I love all the lifting tips

"I love the tips and the humour. I hope to use even more as I get stronger!" Lisa B.

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